I am Chiara Lorenzetti, a restorer of ceramics and artist of original Japanese Kintsugi.

I almost casually met the beauty of the Kintsugi art and immediately fell in love with it. At first I studied the technique, the materials and its use; then, understanding the symbolic value of the technique, I studied the history, the Zen philosophy, the tea ceremony, the ceramic and the art that develops around it. Thence, I wrote an essay, purchasable on Amazon, “Kintsugi, l’arte di riparare con l’oro”.
As a restorer, I immediately tried to respect the traditional standard of the Japanese Kintsugi art, deciding from the very beginning to discard the use of the modern Western version with epoxy resin and glitter. Therefore, I use urushi lacquer mixed with tomoko and real gold and silver dust.
I began to work on objects brought to me by clients, but soon I felt the need to create a personal series of ceramics, which I called “Imperfetti”.

I search for Japanese ceramics or ceramics made by Italian artists, if possible damaged, broken, imperfect. On them, I create a breakage with a hammer, an intentional and guided breakage: in my mind I imagine the cracks and the lines that will appear. Every breakage is not a destruction, but a creation, and its imperfection will live a new, unique and golden perfection.